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'Rhyheim: A Porn Poem is a beautiful book of eroticism, of desire and of the longing for intimacy […] Vikram weaves together porn and poetry, the sensual and the spiritual, inviting us to be both turned on and touch compassion and wisdom.'
(Broken Sleep Books)

'Vikram Kolmannskog understands the syntax of the spiritual and the sensual, and this devotional to Rhyheim Shabazz is spellbinding. Kolmannskog remains a rare talent.'
(Diriye Osman)

' [C]areful yet casual word music […] Rhyheim: A Porn Poem aims to achieve nothing less than the total healing of everyone on the planet through the miracle of mindful, empathetic sex […] If you get turned on while reading this book, that is a good thing.'
(Nathaniel Rosenthalis)

Available here


The Garden Tantra Cover

'The poems of The Garden Tantra are exuberant and beautiful, showing a direct insight into the inherent nature of the universe.'
(Mani Rao)

'One of the twenty-first century heirs of Walt Whitman'
(Ruth Vanita)

'I am drawn into Kolmannskog's meditations, wanting and ready for transformation.'
(Rajiv Mohabir)

International edition available here
Indian edition available here
A Poetry Podcast is based on the book


Thumbnail becoming buddha

'Vikram, a wonderfully skilled storyteller, here tells the story of meditation. It offers people the skill and space to transform the mundane into the magical, making the everyday into the path of awakening.'
(Venerable Tashi Choedup, Queer Buddhist monastic and human rights activist)

'A joy to read and use for meditation practice.'
(Espen Braathen, Gestalt therapist and mindfulness teacher)

Available as hardcover, paperback and e-book.
Also available as podcast on spotify, apple podcasts and other platforms, and as Insight Timer episodes.


Lord of the Senses cover

Lambda Lit Award Finalist 2020

'From the forest-fringed suburbs of Oslo to the bustling heart of Bombay; from the timeless banks of the Ganges to the never-closing nightclubs of Berlin, this collection of short stories by gay Indian-Norwegian author Vikram Kolmannskog captures a headily contemporary sense of what it is to be queer, cosmopolitan, spiritual and sexual.'
(Team Angelica)

'An unputdownable collection of short stories […]
The book helps one think about the possibility and predicament of being queer and Hindu'
(The Queer Bookshelf, Firstpost)

'Stories to read in one greedy gulp - salty and erotic yet bitter sweet. Unashamedly sexy, yet they also probe the tender spots where our insecurities lie coiled.'
(Sandip Roy, author of Don't Let Him Know)

'A tender, honest and earnest collection
bound to hold your heart still'
(Gaylaxy review)

Available as paperback and e-book.



A story in the form of a poem about a gay man's quest for love in the world of dating apps and hookups. He eventually experiences a relationship that is both spiritual and sensual.

'A lyrical study of passion, both religious and carnal' (Kirkus Reviews)

Available as hardcover, paperback and e-book.


empty chair

'inspiring, informative, and a pleasure to read […] His case studies are vivid and varied, like gripping short stories.'
(Malcolm Parlett, British Gestalt Journal review)

'There are powerful therapy stories in this book. Sensitive explorations, therapeutic dialogues that satisfy with their depth, poignance, existential truth. Coupled with Vikram Kolmannskog's clear explication of gestalt therapy ideas and values, the book enriches therapists and patients alike.'
(Lynne Jacobs, gestalt therapist and psychoanalyst)

'Some have compared Kolmannskog to Irvin D. Yalom and this is justified for several reasons. The ability to make therapy alive to the ordinary reader is one of them.'
(Deichman Literature Blog, Oslo Public Library)

Available as paperback and e-book.


Selected texts

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Love in law. The Indian Supreme Court decides in favour of LGBT persons, CMI Brief 2018:06

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Gestalt approaches to gender identity issues, Gestalt Review, 18 (3), 2014

My big, fat, gay, Indian wedding, Warscapes, June 2012


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